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Building the service of the service,Write the Huisheng Answers -College leaders penetrate the "one -stop" student community research guidance work
Author: Graphic/Wei Jinzhu Review/Lin Wen Editor/Mali    Source: Party Committee Student Work Department    Release time: May 09, 2024    Click Number:

In order to understand the construction and operation of the "one -stop" student community,Further optimize the service process,Improve service quality,To better meet students' needs,May 8th,College Dean Liu Jin、Deputy Dean An Zhongwen 20Bet app Androidand the Secretary of the Discipline 20Bet app AndroidInspection Commission of the College Wei Yunfeng to Wuming Campus "One -stop" student community research guidance。Leaders and teachers of the Student Work Department of the Party Committee of the College accompanied the investigation。

The leaders of the college visited the "One -stop" student community service hall、Academic Guidance Room、career planning room、Counselor Studio、Party member activity room, etc.,Detailed understanding of the overall planning layout of the service hall、Functional partition、Management mode、Cultural construction and various business development, etc.,and put forward valuable guidance。

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(The leaders of the college visit the "One -stop" student service hall)

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(College leaders visit career planning guidance room)

Subsequent,The leaders of the college visited the various functional areas of the college's mental health education and consulting center,Detailed understanding of the college mental health education、Psychological Consultation Service、Psychological evaluation and mental health training。

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(The function room of the college leaders visit the Mental Health Education Consultation Center)

After visiting each function room,The investigator held a symposium。Meeting,Director of the Student Work Department of the Party Committee Lin Wen from the "One -stop" student community from the Wuming Campus "、Construction situation、Event development、Facing problems、Work direction 20bet sportsbook reviewand other aspects conducted work reports to the college 20Bet app Androidleaders。The participants conducted in -depth exchanges on the “one -stop” student community construction of the college,Put forward construction opinions and suggestions。

After listening to everyone’s opinions,Dean Liu Jin put forward three opinions on the construction of the "one -stop" student community: First, we must deeply understand the connotation of the "one -stop" student community construction,Grasp its functions、Student needs,Scientific setting venue; second, it is necessary to combine discipline characteristics、Create the characteristics of student characteristics and national elements; the third is to list the work list,Clear work direction,Fully complete 20Bet reviewthe application of the "one -stop" student community B construction unit of the autonomous region。

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(The dean of the college Liu Jin spoke at the meeting)

This survey reflects the college's emphasis on students' work and support,It also further clarifies the direction of the students' work of our college。The college will continue to adhere to the student as the center,Comprehensively improve students' work level,Provides more powerful guarantees for students' growth and development。