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College organizes participation in the 2024 college laboratory safety work training meeting
Author: Figure、Text/Zhao Xianyan Review/Su Bo Editor/Xia Yao    Source: Academic Affairs Office    Release time: April 30, 2024    Click Number:

April 26,The Ministry of Education organized a training session in the 2024 university laboratory safety work training meeting,Deputy Dean of the College Xi Yongping、Academic Affairs Office、Cereals and Oil, 20bet sportsbook review20Bet app AndroidKaikai Travel Institute, and other related comrades at the Meeting of the 2145 Conference Room of Pengfei Campus。The meeting was chaired by Zhang Guohui, a first -level inspector of the Department of Science and Technology and Information Technology of the Ministry of Education。

Comrade Zhang Guohui summarized the effectiveness and problems of the safety work of the nation's university laboratory,and propose four -point work requirements,First, strengthen political responsibility,Clarify the importance of laboratory safety work,Implementation of the Party Central Committee、Decision and deployment of the State Council。Second, insist on problem -oriented,20Bet review20Bet Online Sports BettingDeeply learn the lesson lesson,Self -checking and self -correction Laboratory safety work in the safety work of self -correction laboratory。Third is to strengthen system construction,Improve the safety awareness of teachers and students laboratory,Standardized Laboratory Dangerous Source Daily Management。Fourth is to pay close attention to implementation,Improve laboratory safety governance ability,Pressing the responsibility for safety management of laboratory。

Professor Edsheng University, Tsinghua University, etc., interpreted the management system of the "Administrative Measures for the Safety Housing Classification 20bet sportsbook reviewof 20Bet reviewLaboratory High Schools",Basic theory of safety basic theory of university laboratory、Safety Cultural Construction and other content training。Last,Related universities have shared experience in laboratory safety management。

After the meeting,Vice Dean of Yong Yongping deployed the college's laboratory safety inspection work in 2024,Requires the training management department to lead the classification management of various training rooms in the school according to the classification method,Emphasize this opportunity to conduct a comprehensive inspection of the experimental training room of the whole school and do a good job of classification。

Through 20Bet Online Sports Betting20Bet Online Sports Bettingthis training,Improving the safety awareness and skills of the responsible persons related to laboratory safety management,Lay a good foundation for the further improvement of the safety management work of the college laboratory。


(Training scene)