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May 13, 2024,In order to in response to the "Notice of the Office 20Bet app Androidof the Grain and Material Reserve of the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region on Carrying out the 2024 National Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Day" (Guishan Office [2024] No. 22),,20bet mobile appLogistics Management Office (Defense Office) successfully held a full -school evacuation escape exercise at the Pengfei Campus,The ability aims to improve the safety awareness of teachers and students and the ability to deal with emergencies。This exercise has been actively participated and highly evaluated by 20Bet reviewall teachers and students,achieved significant results。

Before the start of the exercise,20bet mobile appLogistics Management Office (Defense Office) formulated a detailed evacuation and escape plan,and read the evacuation precautions to teachers and students through broadcasting。With the sound of analog earthquake alarm,All students quickly enter the emergency shelter state,Just beside the table and chairs、Squatting down by the bed or inner wall,Protect the head with your hands or other items,Effectively avoid 20Bet app Androiddamage caused by glass crushing。

Subsequent,After hearing an evacuation instruction,Students are evacuated in an orderly manner according to the predetermined emergency evacuation channel,Teachers also quickly reach the specified location,Organize and guide students to evacuate safely。The whole process is tight and orderly,Teachers and students showed a high degree of safety awareness and collaboration。

Students who are evacuated quickly arrived at the designated collection 20bet sportsbook reviewpoint collection of each class of each class of the football field,After reaching the collection area,Consume the number of people from the class leaders。The entire evacuation process is fast、Order,Reached the expected exercise effect。

After the exercise is over,20bet mobile appLogistics Management Office (Defense Office) Comrade Mo Chunhua summarized this exercise,He emphasized that there is no small thing for security,The most precious concept of life,and proposed to strengthen safety education、20Bet reviewRequirements for improving emergency plans and strengthening daily inspections,to ensure the safety and stability of the campus。

The successful completion of the evacuation exercise this time,Not only enhances the safety awareness of teachers and students,It also tested the feasibility and effectiveness of the college's emergency plan。The college will continue to strengthen safety education and emergency drills,Provide teachers and students more secure、Stable learning environment。


20bet mobile appLogistics Management Office (Defense Office) Comrade Mo Chunhua summarized


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