[Teaching of the School of Management] New chapter of school -enterprise cooperation and development cooperation -the School of Management to China Zhizhi Ling Technology Co., Ltd.

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In order to follow the pace of the development of digitalization of human resources services、Expand new channels for students' employment practice、Exploring the new mode of integration of production and education、Further deepen school -enterprise work,On the afternoon of May 10, 2024,The dean of the School of Management Gao Jie、20bet mobile app20Bet Online Sports BettingDeputy Dean Tang Wei and others went toZhong Zhizhi Ling Technology Co., Ltd.Increased investigation of production and education and negotiating on the cooperation between schools and enterprises,Teacher representative of the School of Management Chen Yao、Huang Qiaoyu attended the discussion。

At the meeting, Zuo Yan, general manager of Zhongzhi Zhiguan Technology Co., Ltd.Express warm welcome to the arrival of the representatives of our hospital,He introduced the company's business development overview、The development model of the integration of production and education and the international development process of education,and put forward new ideas 20Bet app Android20bet sportsbook reviewfor school -enterprise cooperation in terms of social training。Zhang Yi, deputy general manager of China Zhizhi Ling Technology Co., Ltd., introduced the status quo of the development of the human resources industry、School -enterprise cooperation mode、Construction ideas of the School of Industry and the company's cooperation with other universities and the construction of human resource sharing services with our school with our school、School -Enterprise Co -Education Talents、Career planning education and other aspects proposed ideas

The dean of the School of Management Gao Jie launched school -enterprise cooperation、Construction of human 20Bet Online Sports Bettingresources 20bet sportsbook reviewsharing service simulation training base、Construction of the School of Human Resources Service Industry、Social training proposes the concept and preliminary cooperation framework and expressed the hope that both parties and enterprises can give full play to the advantages of both parties,Really realized students、School and Enterprises The Win -win situation。will be on it,Vice Dean Tang Wei also introduced the basic situation of the college's human resources management and professional guidance and service major、Professional features、Professional Development Plan。Last,Talent training of the two parties on human resources 20Bet app Androidmanagement 20bet sportsbook reviewand other majors、School -enterprise co -education、In -depth discussion。

School -enterprise cooperation is a student、School、Important ways to win a win -win situation,It is a solid support for the sustainable development of vocational education。Tongtong negotiations to deepen the integration of production and education for the college,Speed ​​up with Enterprise Unicom、Industry through、Professional construction、Talent training and employment development provides new ideas,For the college to further innovate school -enterprise cooperation mode,Realized in talent training、New progress in social training、New breakthrough laid a solid foundation。

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Figure 1 General Manager of Zuo Zhi, General Manager of Zhongzhi Zhiguan Technology Co., Ltd., introduced enterprisesDevelopment model of integration of production and education

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Figure 2The dean of the School of Management Gao Jie speaks on how to carry out school -enterprise cooperation