【Academy of Accounting College Group ”]" Love May,Mother's Love Eternal "-The Twelfth Week of the School of Accounting, the flag raising ceremony of the twelfth week of 2024

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May 13, 2024,The School of Accounting held a 12 -week flag -raising ceremony at the Twelfth week of the East District of Wuming Campus。The School of Accounting Institute is all at school students,Counselor representative Zhou Sichi、Ling Zhanxu、Tang Mengning、Su Meiling、Wu Xiaomei and other teachers also attended the ceremony。

The flag -raising ceremony is by the Youth League Committee、Student Union 20bet mobile appEntertainment Department Director Huang Sien, hosted。The students of the college inspector team step on the morning Xi,Walked with Chaoyang to escort the five -star red flag to front of the flag -raising platform。With the exciting national anthem, the flag is raised over the country,Note gifts for all teachers and students,Feeling solemn and Rongguang。Then,The candidate for the deputy secretary of the Youth League Committee Huang Yusi, with the theme of "Thanksgiving Mother", gave a speech under the 20Bet Online Sports Bettingtheme of the country,She issued an initiative to the students of the whole hospital,Call for students to return to the mother with their own actual actions,Appreciate mother’s love with heart,Go to feel the mother’s payment,Go to return to the mother's raising grace。

by preaching,Students realize the greatness of maternal love,Inspiration of gratitude,It has also further cultivated the virtue of students to respect the elderly,Inheritance and the development of Chinese excellent traditional 20Bet Online Sports Bettingculture,At the same time,Also with the strength of college students,Affecting more people learn to care for mother,Thanksgiving mother。

20Bet  reviewPicture shows: Huang Yusi, deputy secretary of the members of the Youth League Committee of the Academy of Accounting, speaks under the state of the country

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Picture shows: Teacher attending this flag -raising ceremony

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Picture shows: The flag -raising ceremony scene