【Caijin College Group School】 Youth wanton publicity,Love for a long time -the Youth League Committee of Caijin College、Student Union "Gathering Power,Born to the sun "Quality Expansion activity is successfully ended

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May 11, 2024,League Committee of Caijin College、The 20Bet Online Sports Betting20Bet app AndroidStudent Union launched the "condensed heart gathering force,Born to the Yang "the theme of the quality expansion activity,It aims to enhance the sense of collective honor and belonging of students,Promoting the Youth League Committee of the Finance and Finance College、The cooperative ability between trainees of students of the student union departments。

This event invited 6 experiences、Trained professional training coaches,Organization and guide students participate in various training items,Safe and orderly manner to ensure the safe and 20Bet app Androidorderly 20Bet Online Sports Bettingmanner。The activity divides the students into several groups,Through "Peach Blossom Blossom"、"Giant Balloon"、"Encountering people's hearts"、"Crazy Metastic" and other interactive project links,Help students gradually condense unity and collaboration、The spiritual style of bravely move forward。In the event,Training coach driving 024 annihilation tank beltStudents go around the field to become a highlight of the event,Strengthen the role of patriotism education in all aspects of the event。During the entire training 20bet mobile appactivity,20bet mobile appThe students help each other、Encourage each other,Overcoming difficulties,Continuous challengeSelf,Fully showed the Youth League Committee of Caijin Academy、Student Union is positive、mutual assistance and love、The spirit and tradition of unity and cooperation,strengthened communication and contact between new and old members,further strengthened the overall cohesion of the Student Union。

This time the Caijin College Gathering Youth Series "Concrete Gathering,Born to the Yang "Quality Expansion activity,Let 20bet sportsbook 20Bet reviewreviewthe students exercise their own quality and team collaboration ability,It is good for students to invest in the Youth League Committee with a fuller enthusiasm and more firm beliefs、Student Union's work,Write their gorgeous youth。


Figure 1:The instructors introduce the rules of the game to the students


Figure 2:"Peach Blossom Blossom" game


Figure 3:"Giant Balloon" game


Figure 4:"Encouraging Personal" game


Figure 5:"Crazy Metastic" game


Figure 6:"Crazy Metastic" game


Figure 7:"Flip Poker" game


Figure 8: Activity site


Figure 9:Instructor with students 20Bet app Android20bet sportsbook reviewexperience 024 annihilation tank


Figure 10:Take a group photo